Saturday, September 23, 2006

Love Of The Raindrop

‘Tik Tik Tik’ knocked the raindrop
By the window pane clear like air
Peeked the eyes to see the drop
With a rainbow wrapped in a globe

‘O love! My love, let me be in,
Too long, too long! I’ve tarried ’

‘I stayed, I stayed! Just for you..
When you danced the skies,
On laughter drip silver wings,
And done a hundred things-
Soared and swung in sunlit,
Till the sun-split clouds –
Fell for the tumbling mirth!’

Exclaimed the voice, with a sigh
Gave no time to wait till the mouth can
Enrich that smile the eyes began

‘O dear! My dear, hear me though
The wind with his whetted knife
Split my bay - hovering in space,
Chased by the shouting wind,
I floated like a vagrant gypsy,
Till I reached this mountain,
That stopped my roving,
Like a fort it stood, a prison
I slaved for my master who
Ordered to shelter his people
From the sun that dried them
Vengeance for trespassing -
Hard was it, the forced task!
The fiery sun burnt my bay.’

‘Then came this mellow wind
A merchant from afar!
To trade with the mountain
For his comrades to pass by
From far off land he brought-
The fragrance that filled the valley!!
Happy became my Lord,
Asked the smart trader
What he wants as gift-
The adept dealer asked no less,
A slave to take back home! '

Difficult it became to choose any-
The just Lord asked to come forward
The one who wants to leave his home
Just for you love, my love
The love that made me thrive!!
Made my way to say “I here”
While my pals still doubting,
Joined the merchant as his fleet
When on the way, my master
Stopped to see the autumn
The only mistress of his life
I escaped into the stream
That flowed by the wood,
Just for you love, my love
The love that made me thrive!!

‘O dear! My dear, hear me though
On the way I got this for you
From the morning sun
Who was going for a ride
This vibrant rainbow you like
Just for you love, my love
The love that made me thrive!!
Now my love, here I am
My love let me be in,
Too long, too long! I’ve tarried
Let me be there where no one
No one comes to take my place’

No time to wait till the mouth can
Reveal the happiness of the heart
A heart whose love is innocent
A heart who stayed for her love
Opened it for the love of her life
When her love entered, she closed
Her shells never touched nor exposed
Mellowed with her tender touch
Made the drop hold on her world-
One ray the less one hue the more
With a tint that glows; pure and dear
With a heart whose love’s innocent
How pure, how dear their dwelling!!
The love of the raindrop and his love
Turned into a hoary pearl for the thoughts
Sweet thoughts that’s serenely expressed!!


At 4:26 AM, Blogger Shiekh of Controversy said...

By becoming more aware of the present and by 'accepting' it as it is we are much more in control of our emotions and focus. When we live in the past we are fearful of making bad choices and/or getting hurt. We do not wish to recreate the past again! When we live in the future we can also be fearful of what might happen. But even if your future vision is full of power and worthy of working towards many people can, and often do, get stuck there. By constantly reaching for bigger and better goals they fail to enjoy what they have in the moment.
If you wish to start living a life that is almost effortless begin first by living in the present. Accept your situation the way it is and then you can enjoy what you have. Your focus changes from a memory of what was or a vision of what might be to a realization of what is. You become much more empowered to then see the beauty of life and also look at where you wish to make changes. But to make changes you must first accept the situation as it is. Trying to escape from your present only increases your focus on your problems by creating resistance to what is. Accept your life as it is now. Make no judgement, just accept it and then you will be free of doubt, worry, pain and fear. For you only experience these things when you live outside the 'moment'

Great to see you back poeting and what a wonderful surprise-it's a strange thing how you can look at someone and think they have everything perhaps they have (probably just an illusion) but how fragile is that happiness if we achieve it.


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