Saturday, November 25, 2006

When Silent Found a Tongue

When Silent found a tongue
Talked me to the past -
Critter Clatter down that road
Jitter jotted memoirs found
Tickler tackled thumbtack days
Better fetter drives I made...

Fetter deterred all my dreams
Thinner metered all my hopes
Slimmer reared all my pucks
Deeper dotted all my luck
Pitter pattered all my roars
Clutter cluttered all my doors

With -
Wider spread my tugs
Minor feared my guts
Minor tired my aim
Minor dared my acts
Minor dried my gist
Minor cared my slips

Wider flared my thoughts
Broader fared my mind
Wider spread my wings
Longer droved my wish
Stronger made my way
Winner made my days


At 1:06 PM, Blogger JISHITH G said...

Nice poems.. never knew that you are this good poetess.. I will keep watching this space for more...


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