Wednesday, March 21, 2007

To You I Promise

When silence became a lonely song-
Echoes through my inner walls
Another sound mingled with mine
I am sure you hear them too!
I leaned, o’er the priceless book
Oft I hold close to my heart

Amidst its rich pages I saw -
Frames of you my soul holds
Your words loud, so loud
My clouds become quite
You tuned my silence happy
Our music couldn’t hide

When you cheered I smiled
When you cried I wept
And I walked while you fly
And I stayed while you leave
When you breathe I felt
Your silence I listened

Amidst the tussle for our own lives
When our paths first met
Matched the rhythms so well
Together we defined our emotions
Shared our choices, and reasons to breathe
Devotions redefined, together we mend

When my silence became a solo -
Echoes the walls of my heart
I am sure you hear them too!
“Give me a chance more I deserve
And make no mistake life preserve
For you are my love and not my fault”!

“Don't go. but stay whenever I feel you
I will make sure that you are never bare
Don’t look back, for its gone for ever
I will make sure that you are never alone
Don’t stop your dreams, let them soar
I promise I follow every path you take”!


At 6:17 PM, Blogger Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...

The writings are wonderful.....Yet to read the other ones.When the writer feels and write and also from their own perspective it takes the reader to read more than once to really understand the essence of it.I will surely post my comments when I read the other ones...........KEEP POSTING.......


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