Sunday, May 20, 2007


Drenched cheeks,
Blood gushed lips,
Opened just to let in air,
Half closed eyelids,
Right enough for the drops
To roll down
The fair skin toned to
Earthy hue
Reflect the rain clouds
That cuddles the inner blues
Silence swallowed the body
Senseless cold spread the flesh
Eyelids closed, like cork of champagne bottle
Lips so tight, like a zipper bag
Face so blank, like a black stone
You walk into the unknown
Your shadow waned into darkness
Just the meat, covered with white cloth
Social status, what does that mean?
Money is just paper
Knowledge if ever you had,
Is forgotten along with you,
Remain with others, if you had passed…
Power couldn’t call you back,
Nor did it make you come …
Ego, mans induced emotion
What has it to do?
In this emotionless world…
Everything is same,
Like a snow covered plane
You are no more an individual…
Friends, partner, and soul mate I salute thee…
Brothers, Sisters take my adieu
Father, Mother I kneel upon you,
And the last, you – I part thee for ever!!


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