Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mind – Yo, Mind to do a check?

To tell you,

Ardor is beautiful
Zeal is stunning
Passion lights a fire
It chews you from within
Gushes out the digested secretion
Bees gather to carry it afar
I tell you its sweet like honey
Keeps you young and handsome for ever!

To remind you,

Calmness is comatose
Passionless is a graveyard
When rage is fumed out
even smile is death
Losing fury is adultery,
Apathy stings of rotten flesh of a lover,
Who was young and handsome once.

Hey yo!
Now stop day dreaming
Snatch your weapon
Break those glass panes
Let your mirrors shatter
For it showed fake image
Glare your egoistical man
Even slap on his face.

Let you fall into the canyon
Lift with tint, scent and buds.
May you know that it blossomed,
Not just on water or manure,
But on tears and sweats,
That even flooded the rain
Let your bland memories
Blaze into lightening rainbow
That umbrella a new blooming gorge!!


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