Thursday, June 04, 2009

Merry Christmas !

I went into the street,
Night’s on the move,
Lights all vibrant and bright,
Fizzing wine, tossing, sparkling beer,
Festive cheers in laughs,
Night wrapped in dark,
Studded with crystal stars,
Jingling bells,
Making into the great space,
They greet, ‘Merry Christmas’!

I turned around the corner,
Where the secret lives -
Of this migrated city –
Grown tired of its streets,
Hidden under the roofs,
Shadows without sound stay,
Just piles of poor pride -
Wring out the ringing bells,
Blue lights blown off,
And no one knows it exists.

A silent singer dashed in merry clothes,
A splendid heart,
Whose secret sounding,
Resonates, in spite of her hidden strings.
Oh! Thanks for the gifts,
For the money you gave,
When I was hungry,
For the shoulder you had,
When I felt so heavy,
For the ears that listened,
I wish you a ‘Merry Christmas’!

Silence finds peace,
In this open night,
Under the wings of the dark sky,
Looks for space to stretch out the night.
The flights of certain shadows -
They speak without words, to hear
Snowflakes falling,
Has darkness robed in black?
Or is it naked?
Its emptiness stares.

Sometimes it’s nice to be invisible
Between solitude, and crowds
Getting lost in streets,
Under snow, in buses and trains -

Quite suddenly, I discovered
A secret rose and a door,
Open out of the dark.
Men and women danced,
Glued to one another,
Amidst wine, tobacco, conversations,
Crude laughs of drunks,
I left them to their merriment.

Sometimes it’s nice to be invisible
Between crowds, and solitude,
The life, and the death…
To all that I say and see
I wish all a ‘Merry Christmas’!
Because, all these confirm my very existence.