Friday, October 02, 2009

Language They Speak

At home,

I hear -

“People are walking
Each one from the other
The space expanding each day
Behind the drapes
Emptiness fills up all the space
The whines of silence resonating
Beyond the breathing space”

I’d like to translate –
The whole house into some other language.

“Soft music of love
Dancing laughter
Funny coziness of togetherness
Distance dissolves with
Nestling shadows
Empathizes the heat of strings”

On the street,
I hear –

Words, no it’s noise,
Wait, I hear sound, sound of words
Strange words, a new language

I’d like to translate –
(A challenge to my interpreter skill)

“Hunger and thirst
Love and Hate
Peace and massacre
Rich and Poor
They debate on its real truths
Each a serious expounding of principles”

At office-

“Dirty linen translated
into the dialect of flowing water.
That pail full of soapywater
adapted to the melodious raga – Corporate language”!

Ever since I started to translate
I could read a message
even in the most obscure of languages
where will I find this language?

Now here! I turned into my own infinite emptiness

I want to translate to some other language

I stand still and think
Looking for a language,
When I quit translating.